Affiliate Marketing anyone?

I have talked to many people about working from home and I hear the same thing over and over. People are tired of the rat race. Oftentimes it’s not even the job they work, but the commuting, putting the kids into daycare etc. etc. So they look online like I have many times to find something that works from home.

OK, here it is! It is called Affiliate Marketing. I have recently asked at least 10 people if they know what it is, and was amazed at their answer. Most said  they did not know what it is, a couple said they have heard of it, but still did not know how it worked. Three months ago I was among those that said I have no idea what Affiliate Marketing  or Blogging is all about. I’m glad that I was taught to read from a young age on, because it stuck with me, and to this day I will research a subject that interests me. So for several weeks this summer I read all I could about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing before jumping into it.

I can not say to you I am making a thousand dollars a month, but I am saying it is very possible, and that’s only a start. People are making that amount in a week, some that are really good at it even in a day!  The concept of Affiliate Marketing is very simple. I have said that in other posts also. All you need is your own website, then you join any company that offers an affiliate program, like Amazon or thousands of others. To find out more detailed information I recommend that you check out or and take some time to read about this.

Let’s just say your website is about animals. You can be specific and offer animal training or how to raise a particular breed of dogs or cats or whatever you know about animals. Once your website is up and running, you can then go to one of these companies mentioned here and search for products that you can promote on your site. It could be pet food or toys or whatever you can think of that goes with your website about animals. You will learn how to place a link or banner on your website to promote their product and when someone comes to your website, clicks on that banner and purchases an item you then will get a commission. It won’t be a lot to start out with, but it will grow as your business grows and more and more people come to your site.If there is a secret to this and there isn’t, but if there was one, it would be perseverance! It simply takes time to build your business, so you have nothing to lose. The cost to you is anywhere from $4.00 ro $10.00 per month for your hosting fee for your website. You do not sell any products yourself, and you do not have to call anyone to join your business.

Right now I am learning all I can about advertising my website without investing money. I will be happy to let you know what I have learned when I know more:) If you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment and I will get back with you.


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