Another successful mom working from home

Recently I have introduced several women that work from their home that I know in person. Here is yet one more successful mom working from home. This lady’s name is Franchesca and she is a web site designer and so much more. She has also taught Art classes at our school and is a very talented young woman. I got to spend some time with her while she was working on my website and I could see that she knows her stuff:)

What was really nice to see is that she does work out of her home, with her little boy playing right there in front of her. When Joseph wanted Mom’s attention, she saw to his needs first, then went back to work:) If you get a chance please take a  look at Franchesca’s website. She has also created a really nice banner for me recently, I was very pleased with it and recommend her services.:)

There is also a lot more to her website. If you know anyone or if you your yourself have ever lost a child, you need to read her blog! It will not only be a blessing to you, but also an encouragement.



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