Are you getting ready to promote products for the holiday season?

It’s hard to believe that this is already October! This is a great time to get ready to promote your products for this holiday season. The number one source online would be Amazon of course. To become an affiliate with Amazon is really very easy to do. Just visit and look under affiliate program and join, that’s it.

The next thing you can do to is to find  a popular item. Do a search on Amazon for “Best Sellers” and then choose a category.  Look under the “Popular Categories” and choose the one that may be of interest  to you.  This year may be a totally different item than last year, so just check out several categories and I’m sure that you will find a hot item!

After that just do a quick google search for “Insights for Search” and insert one of the products into this search. Make sure you entered “United States” under the filter (you see that on the top right) and then take a look at the statistics! You will find there how many times a particular item had been searched for.

This little gem will help you a great deal with knowing what to promote this holiday season, and even at other times as well. It’s something I learned in my training and wanted to pass it along to you. I hope that it will help you and be a blessing to you:)


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