Easy Forex Trading Systems

If you are trading forex and using the MT4 charts, then this system of indicators is really a must have!


These indicators are  the most helpful indicators I am using to trade forex. You can get them too:)



This is a quote from Cynthia’s website:


A Suite of Indicators that confirm each other and keep you out of a flat market….

No Fear Trading!



I have been using these indicators for well over a year now and have become so  much more confident with my trades. They are very easy to install, and if you are a newbie, then Cynthia will help you with the installation. Her support is excellent and the cost of these indicators is most reasonable and is a one-time cost. There are no up-sells which I really appreciated.


I would not trade without Cynthia’s indicators again. It has made a huge difference in my earnings. I recommend Cynthia’s indicators highly.



Just click on the link above or below and check out Cynthia’s videos about the trades she takes. Take a look at the charts and indicators and see for yourself. If you don’t care for the colors you can change them – it’s easy. 



 As if the above system of indicators was not enough, I checked out another of Cynthia’s systems and after I watched the videos, decided to add these indicators to my charts. The combination of the two systems here are totally amazing!!


Over the last four years I have tried numerous signal services, and ended up cancelling them as they simply did not perform the way they promised they would.


Cynthia’s system is not a signal service – you will place a manual trade from your charts on MT4 with her indicators. But the end result is really amazing! I encourage you to purchase these systems and you will see the difference they make in your trading. The price is  very reasonable! Just one trade and it is paid for.


Cynthia gives you a choice on this one, the simple system or the advanced. I only got the simple system and it is by far enough. You can always add the advanced system later on. Here is a short video so you can see how well this works.




Please feel free to contact me (Heidi) at my email address:



I will help you all I can to make your trading more profitable. I am a Senior with a pathetic Social Security amount and needed to supplement my income. It is working:)


If you are in the Houston area, I am willing to meet you at a public wi-fi place and show you in person how this all works:)


Wishing you successful trading and a blessed day.



















Writing for money – does it really work?

Does Writing for Money really work?



Perhaps you have tried to write some articles or stories and they were rejected. It’s OK, don’t be too disappointed. This will happen since you simply can’t please everyone.


Just don’t give up –  keep writing! There are many websites where you can write your articles or stories and make money.


I would like to introduce you to one particular website that you can join for free and choose articles from 100 words to 2000 words to write.


You simply create a username and password and you are good to go. If you are realistic and don’t expect to make a hundred dollars per day to start, you will be just fine.


You will have many articles to choose from, pick one and keep it simple. Write at about a 6th to 7th Grade level, don’t overthink what you are going to write. Most articles require a friendly tone.


Up to this point I have written 153 words. It took me just about 5 minutes to write. You can do this too:) I’m keeping this short on purpose.


So, check it out! I wish you much success in your new writing career:)



Beware of phony bitcoin website

I’m here to make you aware of a phony Bitcoin website.


If you have ever been scammed by someone then you know the feeling. So please be aware of this scam website:




If you do join you will not see your money again!!! Unfortunately I fell for their phony promises to trade bitcoin and make money with them. I bought one bitcoin and never heard from them again. I have a multitude of emails if you need any proof. Contact me at my email address and I can show them to you.:(




Which Signal Service for trading forex is profitable?

Have you asked yourself this question?

Which Signal Service for trading forex really is profitable?



Here is the answer from a Senior who has been trading forex for going on 3 years now.


After having tried numerous signal services and canceled them,  I found this one that works really great. I get an average of 10 signals per day in real time. These are one hour trades and very profitable!


These signals arrive promptly on the hour via SMS and email. You can test them for 14 days for only $14.00. It doesn’t get any better than this.



U.S. Binary Signals Alert
Signal Time: 2015-07-01 08:00  ET
Direction:  Sell (Short)
Price:  0.7683
Expiry:  09:00 ET


This was the third trade in the money already.


Click on the link below for the details>





These signals work especially well on nadex.com

a US-based regulated exchange.

The best place you can trade!

Why trade Forex with a regulated US-based exchange only?

This is my answer to the question

“Why trade Forex with a regulated US-based exchange only?


If you are new to the world of trading Binary Options, then you really need to do yourself a favour and read this post, and watch the videos.


It will help you from losing money and actually making money in this multi billion dollar industry.


Perhaps you have already gotten scammed by an overseas broker, then share this information:)


What is wrong with overseas brokers?


Why trade with nadex.com only  –  a US-based regulated exchange.


I have been trading on nadex.com for going on 3 years now and highly recommend them. Their support team is excellent. They have recently opened their doors to overseas traders. So, you really don’t have to trade with a scam broker. Nadex is regulated and is very easy to trade on.

You can open a demo in a matter of minutes and test them. You can also open a live account with as little as $100.00.


With this particular signal system you will receive 5 signals for various forex pairs at around 11:30 am ET.

If you want to see what kind of results you will have with these signals, just click on the link below and then look under signals and  check out the results.




These are the results of real live trades: 

June 1st:  5 out of 5 trades were in the money

June 2nd: 5 out of 5 trades were in the money

June 3rd: 3 out of 5 trades were in the money

June 4th: 3 out of 5 trades were in the money

June 5th: 4 out of 5 trades were in the money.

Total: 25 trades

20 trades were in the money

5 trades were out of the money


Even if you have never done any kind of trading you can see that you would have made a decent profit by winning 20 trades. On nadex you can cut your loss short when you see the trade go against you. So even when some trades lose, they still do not have to be a total loss.



If you are not quite sure how this works, ask me for details, I will be glad to explain:)

One of the best ways to learn about trading forex is to watch the videos on nadex.com.



More options with Binary Options

I have considered creating a new website just for Binary Options to give you, the reader, more options with Binary Options!:)


But for now I’m too busy trading Binary Options and finally making money with this type of trading. If you have tried trading Binary Options yourself then you know what I mean by finally! It is not something you can blindly jump into without doing some research on this subject.


There are many places on the web where you can check out signal services and forums and methods,  and individuals that claim to be trading gurus. One such website is: forexpeacearmy.com


Again, I want to mention only to trade on nadex.com, which is a US-based regulated exchange. You can read all about them on their website, watch some of their informative videos and read as much as you can about it first.


Please do yourself a favour and stay away from overseas brokers. They are unregulated and can pretty much do what they want to. If you have already joined one, try to withdraw your money and go to nadex! Whatever you do, do not ever take a bonus from an overseas broker! You will have to make 15 times the amount of the bonus (varies from broker to broker) before you can withdraw any money – yours or theirs! Chances are you won’t see any at all. 🙁


Then you will get emails or find sites that promise you to make $$$$$$$ without asking you for a fee or even an email address. Beware!! You will have to join one of their “approved” brokers – meaning an overseas broker.


So, watch this video from nadex.com on youtube  and also watch Steve Hoven’s video about overseas brokers. That is how I stumbled onto this information about 2 years ago.


As far a signal services I have learned a great deal. I joined more than 12 services, only to cancel most of them because they did not perform what they promised.


I have found two excellent signal services  now that work very well.

I trade both only on nadex.com

The first one is:


UpDown Signals


You can try them for a week for only $25.00, or you can become a monthly or quarterly member and get one week free to try them out.

I like the quarterly the best, it’s the most reasonable one ($67.00) You can make your monthly fee in two to three trades or less.

Check out their website and look under results.

From June 1st to June 5th 20 trades out of 25 were in the money, only 5 were losses. These are consistent stats.



This is the second service that I have found to be working extremely well also:


This service is amazing. I have been totally impressed by their signals. You can try them out  for 14 days for $14.00 – you can not go wrong with this! Then, if you stay with them, and you will stay with them, the monthly fee is $97.00. You can easily make that back in one day of trading.


Yesterday, I received 11 signals for the day. 9 were winners, 2 losses. With nadex you can cut your losses short if you see the trade go against you. You do not have to stay in until it expires. Another big plus for nadex. Even if you buy each contract for $65.00 (that is in the money) you won 9 x $35.00 ($315.00) and you lost 2 at $65.00 ($130.00) you are still making $185.00 for the day. I challenge you to try to make this on your own! You are not going to do it:(

Feel free to email me, I would love to help you with this. I am excited about it:)


I am an affiliate for both systems because they work so well. So, if you join either one or both, I will get a commission from them. Just letting you know this for your information.









Is Options Trading Profitable?

You may have asked yourself if Options Trading is Profitable. The answer is a sound “yes.” But in order to have profitable trades, you need to know some things first.


Perhaps you have asked other traders on various forums the same questions,  or perhaps you have read reviews online. You get many opinions about it, but you are still not sure if this is something you want to get into.  You may be more confused than before you checked this out.


I’m a Senior and have been trading Binary Options for nearly two years. It was a rough start since I did not know enough about all this. I joined an overseas broker and quickly lost half of my account balance. It was then I started to really research this way of trading online.


Here are some suggestions for you. They are free to you, but they cost me:( so I hope that you will be able to learn from my experiences.


First: Stay away from overseas brokers. Many of them are scam brokers. They will offer you a bonus, but if you take the bonus you will end up having to make at least 15 times the money before you can withdraw any funds! You may as well throw your money away. Don’t do it! Read the reviews, you will save yourself a lot of money and time.


Secondly: There are lots of signal services. A signal service will provide you with a certain asset, such as the Eur/Us for an example. You will get the direction of the asset and the strike price as well as the expiry time.

The signals are normally sent via text and email.


There are free signal services, but they are not really free! You must sign up with one of their “approved” brokers, which will be an overseas broker. The one who is offering the service will then get a commission if you sign up.


Then there are many paid signal services. I have signed up with at least 12 of these paid services only to cancel them because they do not work out! One such service sends you signals at various times during the night, and there is no way of knowing what time you will get these signals. Another one deducted money from my credit card even after I canceled their “service” and I had to dispute it with my credit card company. Even though I got my money back, it was a headache!


If you have done any research yourself, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So then, is Options Trading profitable, you ask.


Yes, it is. Here is the way to do this and profit from your trades:

Open a demo account with nadex.com which is a US-based regulated exchange. Nadex is not a broker, it is an exchange where traders meet to trade. You can open a live account with as little as $100.00. On nadex.com you can trade:




*Foreign Exchange (Forex)



You can find all the  information about them you need here: nadex.com

or watch this short video:




In order to have profitable trades, you do need some charts. You can use the charts on nadex.com or download the MT4 platform and open a demo account there. It is very easy to create charts there.


Once you have your account, you will need either an experienced trader to guide you, or if you don’t have much time, you can sign up with a signal service that has a high win percentage rate.


After reading reviews about many such services, I found updown signals. The signals are 3 hours forecast of the price direction “Up (Buy)” or “Down (Sell)” of several selected assets. You will get signals, daily, 1-2 hours after the beginning of the US trading-day. The signals forecast are valid up to 3 hours. This is the service I finally joined and did not have to cancel as it works!

 I encourage you to check them out here:



You will find all the information that you need on their website. They have an excellent customer service where you can ask questions and get a speedy reply. I am very satisfied with their service and recommend them highly.

I tried them out first for a week and kept a journal on my trades. Out of 5 signals per day, the win rate was normally 3 out of 5 in the money. With nadex, even the losing trades don’t have to be a total loss, as you can exit the trades when you see them going against you. Updown signals give you several options to pay for their services. The three-month option really is the best one and most reasonable one also. It is the one I took, and I can highly recommend them:


Click Here to get started today!



If you have more questions whether options trading is profitable, feel free to send me an email. I will get back to you. If I can do this, being a grandmother, you can do this for sure!:) I’ll be glad to give you some hints how I have profitable trades.



How to avoid scams in Internet Marketing


If you are working online then you need to know how to avoid scams in Internet Marketing.


There are plenty of people whose conscience must be seared. They just plain don’t care about whether you are a mother or a Senior wanting to make some extra money. All they care about is themselves, and since they can’t give you information that is of value, they think of ways to scam a person.


Unfortunately, I hate to admit it, but I have been scammed. So I’m writing this article and hope that I can be of help to someone, so you can avoid the same mistakes.


First, always check them online. Read the reviews about who they are and the product or services they have to offer.


Next, go to forums and see if there are posts about this service or person. I highly suggest you check out the warrior forum for information.


Be really careful when there is a  timer on their website that tells you that the offer will close shortly, or there is only place for x amount of people. Never rush into an offer like that! Someone who has a legitimate offer does not have to pressure anyone.


Another way to check out if the person is trying to scam you is to check their website with alexa.com and find out what their ranking is.



Check and see how to contact them. If there is an email address, then send an email first and ask questions. If there is a phone number, call the number and find out if they answer their phone. Customer support is very important.



These are only a few tips on how to avoid scams in Internet Marketing. I hope this post has been a help to you. Feel free to leave a comment. If you have more suggestions then let us know and we will add them to this post.




Binary Options Signal Service that performs!

Beware: All links on this page in orange are mine and are legitimate links. All others in light blue have been placed here automatically by a mr. fur. They are a pain to get rid off once you click on them. Just letting you know!!

More than likely you have gotten emails from Binary Options Signal Services that promise you high percentage wins. Then you joined the service  and were disappointed again because they really did not come through as they promised. Well, I am here to let you know about a Binary Options Signal Service that performs and performs well!


Other services offer free signals, but you have to sign up with one of their “approved” brokers. A word of caution here: Make sure you check out any overseas broker first and read the reviews online. www.forexpeacearmy.com is a great place to check out scam brokers and signal services.  Many people have been scammed by some of these brokers.


You are much better of to trade on Nadex.com,  which is a US based regulated exchange. Nadex.com is now open to traders worldwide. Watch this short video for more information about Nadex.com


 So the question then is, is there a Binary Options Signal Service that really delivers? The answer is a definite Yes!


There is good news and that is what I want to show you here in this post. Having tried at least 12 different signal services, I signed up with Burgi signal service and finally see some profitable results in my trading. The really great thing about Burgi Signals is that they provide an audio alert system. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer all morning or evening,  you can just listen for the audio alert, then place your trade.


Burgi Signal’s support system is excellent! They answer their emails quickly and are there to help and support you. I am really sold on their service. The best part is the price! Where most services charge a monthly rate, Burgi Signals charge a one-time fee. You simply can not go wrong with this service.


All you will need is to download the MT4 platform (google MT4 platform and make sure you download it from their website) Then install the Burgi Signals Forex Indicators. If you need help with that part, they will also assist you. Next, open a demo account with Nadex.com and then go ahead and take the suggested trades on Burgi Signals.


If you have any questions about all this, please feel free to email me, and I will help you all I can. 🙂 I can email you some of my charts, so you can see first-hand what I’m talking about.




So sign up here and get the Burgi Signals and check it out for yourself!

Click here>

Make money from home by writing articles

If you are still searching for ways of making money from home then consider writing articles. It is not as difficult as you may think it is.

There are several great websites that offer the opportunity for you to write articles and get paid. The subjects you can write about are so varied that I’m sure you will find something you are familiar with and can write about it.

Perhaps you know about animals – there is a broad subject to write about. Or maybe you like to travel and have knowledge about great  places to visit that are not too expensive.  You may be a great cook and have recipes to write about or cooking tips to share. The possibilities really are endless.

Even if you are still working a full-time job, you can take an hour or so and write a couple of articles and once you see how it works and that you actually get paid for your articles you can eventually become a full-time writer:) and write about topics you actually enjoy.

For example, on iwriter.com there are hundreds of jobs offered daily where you can choose an article to write. Once you check out iwriter.com and read how it works, then just sign up and become a writer. You really have nothing to lose. So go and sign up and have fun making money. I do:)

On the other hand, if you need an article for your blog, you can request for someone to write the content for you. The charge is very reasonable, and there are many writers who will be happy to  write articles for you.






Are you open to an additional income?

What about you?

Are you open to an additional income?



You probably have a pharmacy card or a grocery store card and get a discount – right?

But you can only use it at that store.

How would you like to have a card that you can use in hundreds of stores and get actual cash back for purchasing every day items  like: 

gasoline, food, clothes, tires, home improvement items, furniture and on and on.

You can shop online of offline. There is no need to

buy items you don’t need, but every day purchases you make anyway.

This is huge! – Why?

1. The card is FREE to you.
2. There is no Social Security # or Credit Card # required to get one.
3. You get cash back for every purchase you make, not a discount, buy actual cash back.
4. This card is good world wide!
5. You can shop from thousands of merchants in the US and around the world!
5. You can offer this card to others and build a successful business in just a few short months!
If this peeks your curiosity let me know and I’ll be glad to send you the details.
This is huge! Don’t miss out!

How to trade binary options successfully

Since my last post on binary options I would like to add some information and a couple of videos for you to watch.


Can you trade binary options successfully? Yes! Can you make money with binary options? Yes!  You can make quite a bit actually, but you will need help! I tried it for a while on my own, but it’s very difficult. The best thing you can do is to get a great signal service, and even though you’ll pay for that service, it’s well worth it in the long-run. You can make your money back in just a couple of trades.

I encourage you to take a good look at nadex.com. This is not a broker, but it is an exchange, registered and is located in the US. They have a lot of information on their website.



Watch these brief videos, and if you like what you see, there are more on youtube. You can open a demo account with nadex before you open a live account and practice until you are comfortable trading. You can fund a live account at nadex with only $100.00. You can purchase a trade for as little as $5.00.


If you are afraid of the risk, and there is of course a risk involved, then I would strongly suggest you check out apexinvesting.com.  The founder, Darrell Martin is a great coach and does he ever know what he is doing! He is very personable and very helpful!