How to avoid a scam

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If you are on this page, I take it that somewhere along the line you may have been scammed!: ( Or perhaps you just want to find out how to avoid a scam!

Unfortunately I recently got burnt for some money that I could not afford to l lose. Although you couldn’t really even call it a scam, I did never the less lose the money. How did this happen?

First,  this training company out of Utah was highly recommended to me by a successful Internet Marketer. This company was  supposed to help me to prosper! I did not realize at that time that the person that referred me was getting a commission by me signing up with them, which would be OK if you have a good coach or training program.

Secondly, my big mistake was that I did not thoroughly check them out on the internet. I did read their testimonies and read their website, but that is simply not enough! They claimed to have helped thousands of students make lots of money from home.
They even have a good rating with the BBB, and that is supposed to be  a good thing. The program was not exactly cheap either. They had a money-back guarantee, but it was only for 3 days in case you changed your mind during that time. Well, in three days you can’t tell if this coaching program really works for you.

After about two months I realized that they were not helping me at all. The coach I was assigned to was a kind of dud:(, he told me what to do, but not how to do it! He assumed a lot, but never really asked me what it was that I wanted to accomplish.   Nearly every time I called into their calling center, no one was available, and when they did call back, the timing was inconvenient for me. One time the phone was busy every time I called. The things I had learned I could get free from any forum available, especially from the, but again I did not realize that at the time.

This is where they got me: when I called to cancel and asked for a refund, they would not refund my down payment, only the last monthly payment that they had withdrawn. I was very upset and gave them all the reasons why I thought their program was unethical and why it did not work for me. I then got a form that I was supposed to sign so that I would get my payment stopped and to get the last one back. The form stated that I could not file any dispute with my credit card company nor make any claims at any agencies (like the BBB) – so that’s how they keep their rating up! Since I wanted to get out of that program I actually felt I had no other choice than to sign the paper and get my last payment back and stop the program. In retrospect I should have insisted on my money back and gone to the BBB, filed a complaint and also filed a dispute with my credit card company – but you know how hindsight is normally 20/20 vision:(

It’s easy to spot an out-and-out scam, but not so easy to spot a  wolf in sheep’s clothing! So for those of you that are looking at work-from-home opportunities or help on “how to” work from home I highly recommend the following steps to be able to avoid a scam:

  • google the name of the company or person you want to start a business with
  • check out the reviews and complaints
  • check out the ranking of their website with or www.
  • check out how long they have been in business
  • ask them for references
  • find out their policy about their money-back guarantee
  • check out and see if they have a page on Facebook and how popular they are
  • do not let anyone pressure you with a time limit or limit on their program!
  • do not jump into anything suddenly!
  • think about it at least one day
  • talk to other people on a forum about the business, program or coach

If you follow a few of these suggestions, you will probably be OK. Now there are good coaching programs available. Just because I got stung once does not mean that I gave up. I only became a lot more cautious and learned from this mistake! I can highly recommend several successful Internet Marketers, and I do, so check them out on my “proper training” page.

I hope that this information is a help to you, for this is my desire:)



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