Making money

In today’s world I suppose most people think working from home, making money  means working from their computer, and that is one option of course. And if you do choose this option, I highly recommend to you Affiliate Marketing! Look for more detailed information on my blog under “visit my blog”  I have written several articles on this subject and pass on information as I learn more and more about this amazing opportunity!


But if you are a hands-on type person, there is so much you can do:


When I was in my 20’s my desire was to have my own business by the time I reached age 30 and be my own boss:) Well, I did manage to accomplish that with a lot of hard work,  and determination. It also took money! However, the key to any work-at-home business is simply that  word – “WORK”

Proverbs 31:16 says this: She (the virtuous woman) considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

My favorite girls in my garden

What do you think of my sunflowers?

It takes hard work to plant a garden and grow vegetables, flowers or trees. I have a large garden and can say this from experience. But the rewards are wonderful! My point being, you can purchase  a piece of land and start growing anything from seeds. If you already have some land, then thank God for it! When times get hard, you will be glad that you have some land. Pictured is one of my star students:) in my garden.

Here are some examples of what you could grow to turn it into a profitable business:

Pick a specialty, like grow Irises, they multiply fast and sell for a lot of money these days. I used to grow them and love them, they now sell for about $5.00 per Iris!

I bought Dahlias from a grower in Ohio, that was all he grew. Again, you plant a dahlia and will end up getting several at the end of the season. The same with lilies. They are beautiful and also expensive. Check your library for books on how to grow any of these flowers.

I recently read a story of a couple in Oregon. They bought a piece of land and grew grapes and asparagus. They now have about 20 acres planted and have a thriving business.

You can grow blueberries or strawberries! You will have to invest some money to start, but it takes money to make money – you can’t get around that. There is a blueberry farm close by where I live and you can go and pick your own. At one time they started with only a few bushes and they grew from there! You can do this too! The best way is to start when you are young and watch what you spend. Live modestly, save your money and buy a piece of land!!! It will increase in value and you can grow anything!

If you like vegetables, you can grow them and sell them at a local farmer’s market. When I lived in Germany, we always bought our vegetables fresh at the market, they are so much better! Grow lots of tomatoes, they are not that hard to grow and green peppers are  fairly easy to grow also. We started everything from seed this year and saved a lot of money!

Start an orchard! We bought several fruit trees from our local Extension office this year and they are doing great. If you live in the South, peach trees, pear tress and plum trees do very well. Also pecan trees! I looked at the price of pecans the other day, almost $8.00 per pound!! Start with a couple of mature trees so you don’t have to wait years and years, and add a couple each year – you will be surprised what you can do!

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