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Wildlife Stained Glass Custom Window

Wildlife Stained Glass Window


Working with crafts:

This is one of my favorite subjects, because it worked for me!

Working with your  hands can be very rewarding and it’s creative. We lived in an older home with some beautiful stained glass windows in the front doorway. I used to admire them and one day I decided to take a course  learning how to work with stained glass at a local high school. That did it for me!:) I was hooked! That Christmas everyone got stained glass for a gift:)

I started small, working by myself, creating smaller window panels, all kinds of gift items and slowly grew. I was asked by the school to teach the same course I took the year before:) and then another one in a different town. I also started my own Beginner’s classes at my studio which was a large barn attached to our home. At that point, I had to borrow some money to purchase supplies for my students because they were buying them somewhere else. I had about 30 students and everyone spent at least $100.00 at that time, some much more. It was a good beginning what turned out to be a very successful business. My studio “Heidi’s Glashaus” ended up being one of the largest ones in New Hampshire:) believe me, I worked at it!

With the internet growing daily, there are places you can sell your crafts online. is a great place to check out. You can join Etsy, place pictures of your crafts on their website. They do the advertising, and when your creation sells, they will email you and let you know the customer’s name and address. Then you ship your items, get paid by Etsy. They deduct a small commission.

Can you use your talents and start a business? Of course, we live in the US and it is fairly easy to start your own business. I am a reader, I just love to read books, so my advice is always “get a book on the subject” and research it. We now have the internet, so you can use both.

If you are interested in learning how to create stained glass feel free to ask me questions. I can suggest suppliers (perhaps even in your area) and many of them will ship. If you live in New England, a visit to Whittemore Durgin is a must:) They have a very unique catalog and it is an interesting store. They store just about everything that has to do with stained glass and also have a large assortment of stained glass.

Here is a great place for supplies you can purchase online.

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