Raising animals


When you think about the abundance of animals that God has given to us, it’s amazing! We are so blessed. You can make a decent income from raising animals. Just decide which is best for your situation and go for it!

My favorite black and white cat

Catch me if you can



A friend of mine used to take care of a ladies cats when she went to shows. She was raising Norwegian Forest cats. They are beautiful long-haired cats and come in many different colors. They sold for about $500.00 each and that was a few years ago.

There is such a variety of breeds of cats, and thousands of cat lovers waiting to buy yours:)


If you feel creative, then here are some professional cat tree plans you can purchase.  Complete, detailed construction plans designed to save you money and time.  Click Here!



You can raise any kind of dog you can imagine. Our neighbors were raising Golden Retrievers which are beautiful dogs and very good around children. They usually have about 6 puppies, sometimes more. Our present neighbors are raising Dachshunds. I had a long-haired Dachshund that I brought over from Germany when I first came to this country. These are not very common, but are beautiful little dogs.

If you live in small quarters, try raising Yorkies, what loveable and loyal dogs these are. I had one Yorkie, Mikki, and he was a wonderful and special faithful little dog. In 1982 I payed $350.00 for him. There are so many other races of dogs or cats you can raise.

This little dog here looks exactly like my little Peppy. Unfortunately I never took a picture of him, and he got lost over a year ago and I still miss that little dog so much. He was a wonderful loyal and faithful dog, and even warned me twice of a water moccasin!

My special little Weenie dog

I can be had!


If you are creative and would like to learn how to build a dog house, then  Click Here


If you have land, you can raise larger animals, like alpacas. These are very sweet animals and their fur can easily be used. Or you can raise lambs or goats. A friend of mine had two alpacas and they had babies:) I was there and watched when they were born, and then watched them grow up. One of them, Leila, was a beautiful brown and white little girl with the softest fur and the longest eyelashes. She used to come up and want to nuzzle,  and now she did not spit:) she was sweet!

Raising fancy chickens gor eggs

by jplpagan under CC BY-SA  with wpseopix.com





And then of course there are chickens. How wonderful to have your own fresh eggs!  If you are thinking of building your own chicken coop, then here are some great plans on how to do that plus on how to care for chickens:  Click Here!  The possibilities are there, you just have to be determined to make this work for you.


I knew two ladies who lived on a farm in New Hampshire. They raised lambs and bees. I met them at a craft show where they sold their homespun yarn and also honey. I was amazed at what they did. I offered to sell their yarn and blankets they made in my gift shop which I had at that time in NH. If you have a piece of land, you can do something like this also:)

Raising honey bees
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Want To Start Beekeeping? This New Ebook reveals it all. Start keeping bees this season!  Click Here! I love honey and we buy home- made honey for about $12.00 per jar. I understand you get about 300 pounds of honey per hive!






When my husband was young he raised hunting dogs – Walker dogs to be specific.  He can tell you  all about raising these type of dogs. People use them to hunt fox which is a sport, the fox is never killed. It’s about who has the best dog. If you get the magazine called the “Hunter’s Horn” you will find many places where you can purchase dogs and start to raise them yourself. There are many breeds of hunting dogs, like the Labrador Retriever or a Bird dog just for an example. The choices are limitless and if you love animals then this might be something to consider getting into.

Again, if you have a piece of land and your neighbors don’t live too close by, you can also raise pigs. You may not like the idea, but they are easy to raise and piglets go for about $50.00 each! When my kids were little we had Porky, and he got to weigh 450 pounds! Lots of bacon and pork chops as well.

Raising bunnies
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Let’s not forget the bunnies! They are so very cute, and when trained right they actually make pretty good pets. I have a friend in Austria who had a little black and white bunny named Mucki:) and that little guy was very tame and smart too:) For some information on raising rabbits and training them,

Click Here!



It really is just a matter of you deciding what you want to do and being determined to do it, then go for it and work at it! God has given us so many opportunities with all the animals He created, it’s amazing.

You may need to build a shed to house your animals in, and if you are creative, you can build one yourself. Here are some amazing plans to build a variety of different sheds:    Click Here!