Chickens not laying?

Do you have chickens that are not laying eggs?







Since we live in the country we decided finally on getting some chickens so we could have fresh eggs. We bought little chicks and we knew it would take a while before they start laying eggs. We decided to start with three Ameraucana chickens because a friend of ours has some and they lay blue eggs, some are kind of blue-green and are supposed to be good laying hens. They are also very pretty hens.

After about 5 months they still did not lay eggs. We asked the owners of our local feed store about it and they suggested that we should feed them Turkey mush. So we got a 50 lb bag and started to feed them the turkey mush. It was less than a week later when we found the first little blue egg:) Ever since then they started to lay eggs. Some days we have three eggs, other days only two.

We also had a pair of cute Bantams when we first got the chicks and also a white Silkie rooster. Sadly enough, something got to the Bantams first, then about a week ago I found lots of white feathers from our pretty rooster who so faithfully crowed every morning:(

We did try to build our chicken pen critter proof, but something managed to get in anyway. We now put them inside a large wooden container every night to keep them safe.

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If you don’t have a chicken pen or wish to build a different one, here is a place you can get lots of plans, not only for chicken pens, but for all kinds of sheds for your garden or yard. Check it out, and I hope this post has been a help to you.

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