Choose a niche

Whatever you enjoy doing or know something about that is your niche. It may be organic gardening or growing a particular kind of vegetable or flower. Maybe you know something about hunting dogs or you love fish and know a lot about that subject.

Once you have decided what your niche is, make a plan. In Internet Marketing there are only a handful of things that work, and Affiliate Marketing is one of those that works!

Your next step is to get a domain name for your business and get a provider to host your website. Just do a little bit of research here and choose wisely. This is where I recommend Hostgator because they have excellent customer service and are very reasonable. You can afford to have multiple websites:)

Once your website is up and running, join some Affiliate Networks like or and search for products you could advertise on your website. What you are investing is your time, as it takes time to get picked up by the Search Engines, or learn how to do advertising to get traffic to your website. There really are many successful marketers out there that are willing to help. Some offer their services free, others charge for their services. It’s good to find a mentor that is honest and knows what he is doing and follow his or her advice. I have found two such mentors and have gotten a lot of good clear hands-on kind of advice. I am putting together a weekly newsletter to pass on some of this information to you. So, feel free to sign up for this newsletter.

The key to Internet Marketing is  perseverance!:) You will run into obstacles, that’s life – it’s how you handle these obstacles will decide if you will get a great income from Affiliate Marketing or if you will throw in the towel.  As I said before I have searched online for about 10 years, have tried several things and failed:( but I have not given up:)



  1. Just a little note to let you know that you are a blessing in my life. Love and miss you . What do you think my niche might be? Love from your daughter-out-law

    • Cooking:) absolutely cooking!!!:) I even have an idea for a website, I’ll send it to you via yahoo email. Thanks for the comment Irene:) I love you too – come and visit!!!:) your mother-out-law:)

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