Have you gotten discouraged working online?

I have been there – have you gotten discouraged working online?


Have you purchased a program that sounded really promising, and then when you got it, it was disappointing because it

  • was all information  you could get for free on a forum
  • it was not what was offered on the webinar or website
  • it was confusing and not put together well
  • they showed you what to do – but not how to do it!
  • and left out the key information so it still didn’t work (key = how to!)
  • worst of all – you couldn’t get your money back!

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to discourage you here. I want to encourage you to keep going forward. I have read some great articles lately written by successful people who have experienced much of the above, but they kept going forward, and the important thing is that they realized they needed someone to coach them. I’ve said this often myself, but finding the right coach/trainer who is willing to show you how to work online and make some real money is not quite so  easy.

Here are a few points that I gleaned from them:

  1. Focus on one thing at a time!
  2. Don’t jump from program to program!
  3. Set aside a time to check emails, and stick with it!
  4. Best thing you could do is to keep your inbox empty!
  5. Take action on the one thing you have learned!
  6. Before joining anyone – check them out!!!!!!!!!! ( I could give you some testimonies here of people who have gotten scammed because they did not check out thoroughly  a coach or their program – myself included:(
  7. Find yourself a reliable, trustworthy, well-known and successful coach!!! You can’t do this alone, and there is no need to really.

Here is a great  coach that will show you how to work through Mobile Marketing – so go ahead and join >>

I purchased this program (very reasonable) and applied what this young man is teaching and demonstrating (how to)!

Adam will show you exactly how to work through Mobile Marketing step by step – you can copy what he is doing and then apply it! I have done this and would like to tell you when I created my first campaign I saw the results only a couple of hours afterwards – I was so amazed:) It actually works:)

I can’t say that it was easy, but it is simple, and obstacles will come up, but I worked through them, and even though I got discouraged, I knew I would not quit, but keep going until this worked – and it did:)

Here is my challenge to you now: Join Mobile Monopoly ( you don’t need the beastmobi now – it will make sense when you join) just get the basic program. Adam will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose – well actually you do, if you don’t do this:) so try it – it works – it works – it works:)










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