How To Grow Peaches

When I first moved from New England to Texas, I didn’t like the idea too much. Mainly the thought of  the heat and the bugs and snakes made me very apprehensive. But that soon passed when I found out that there are two growing seasons in the South:)

When I found out that I could grow peach trees here I got excited. First, I got some books from the library on “How to grow peaches.” Next, I checked the local nurseries to find what kind of peaches would do best in our area. There had once been a garden on the property where we now live. One of our neighbors kindly came with his tractor and tilled the garden for us. That was the start and that was about five years ago.

We started out with two small peach trees that fit in the bed of a small Ford truck. We dug large holes and filled them will good garden soil before we planted our trees. I like natural gardening, so I really don’t use chemicals or commercial fertilizers. One of our neighbors has cows, and he let us fill our truck with natural fertilizer:)

Organic gardening is a lot more work, but the results are well worth the effort. We started a mulch pile which consists of layers of leaves, grass clippings, kitchen waste (no meat though – only vegetables) eggshells from our chickens and manure. We kept layering our mulch pile and turning it. After one season we had a terrific mixture and added it to our garden, especially the peach trees.

The second year after we planted the trees we had our first crop of delicious peaches. I was thrilled! This last season we had lots of peaches on our two trees, and at this point I can not reach the top without a ladder! I can’t wait until this summer for the third cop of peaches. We used no spray, no chemicals of any kind, only natural mulch and more manure around the base of the trees. We also plan on adding two more peach trees every two years.

Besides eating  fresh juicy peaches, there is so much more you can make – like peach cobbler, peach jam, canned peaches or dried peaches to use in your  granola.

If you have a backyard, whether small or large, rather than to plant just a tree, consider planting a couple of peach trees and enjoy the delicious fruit you will be able to harvest in no time. If you have a large parcel of land you could start a peach orchard and sell peaches. During peach season I have seen several roadside stands where peaches are offered for sale.  So you could actually turn a hobby into a successful  business as well:)


Yummy sweet peaches





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