How to make a round stained glass mirror








Here is how to make a round stained glass mirror.

1. Make a pattern first

2. Gather your glass for your project (use only the finest opalescent glass)

3. Cut your mirror circle with a circle cutter, or have it cut at your local glass dealer.

4. Grind the mirror edges, seal it with a sealer and use black copper foil.

5. Next, cut your border pieces, grind them and foil them with regular copper foil.

6. Then cut your pattern pieces, grind them and foil them with regular copper foil

7. Now, solder your border pieces to your mirror and edge the mirror with a rounded brass border. This gives a nice finish to your project.

8. Now solder your pattern pieces together, make sure they are clean. Also clean your mirror – I usually place mine in the dishwasher.

9. You can use either copper or black patina, or you can make a mixture of both. Again, make sure all your pieces are clean and buffed.

10. Lastly, attach your pattern pieces to your mirror. You only have to solder a few places, just to hold them on the mirror.

11. On the back of the mirror, solder a wire hanger – make sure it’s solid.

13. Clean the solder spots, patina lightly and you are done:)

14. I attached a piece of felt to the back of the mirror, so it will  not scratch the mirror surface.


I used Bullseye opalescent glass for the mirror pictured here. I used to sell this kind of mirror for $75.00 in my studio.

They make real nice wedding or anniversary presents.


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