I have found it!

Have you ever read the story in the Bible about the woman who lost a coin and she searched and searched until she finally found it! Then she told her friends and rejoiced with them.

This is about how I feel because I have searched for this “coin” for a long time and I do believe that I finally found what works and want to let you in on it:) I’ve kind of hoped that one of my friends would email me one day and say “I found something that really works” because many of my friends are also looking for work from home. However, it happens to be me who is saying “I have found something that works” and there is no start-up cost, no products to purchase and no one to call, it’s just you and your computer:)

In the last few weeks I have read a lot of information about Blogging. When I first stumbled across this I had no clue what Blogging was and how it worked, much less that you can actually make money from doing this. There are a lot of people earning money from Blogging! All you will need is to come up with a name for your blog, then choose a reputable company to host your site and you are off! Since Hostgator came so highly recommended, I went with them and agree that their customer service is excellent. They have answered every question I’ve had so I could understand it and were very friendly:) To get started, just click on my banner here and follow the directions. Once you have your own website, you will need to download a blogging platform. Again, WordPress.org came highly recommended for a host of reasons, so I chose them. It is free to download and fairly easy to follow. I say fairly because I’m new at all this.

This is not a get-rich-overnight sort of thing, it is hard work:) but in the long run will be worth it to you! There is a lot of help available to you. I plan on posting as much as I can from what I am learning and suggest other sites that are of great help.

So happy Blogging! Check back with us here and let us know what you are doing:) so we can post it and share it with others.

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