Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – what about it?



If you are one of the thousands of people who have been searching for real work online you have found someone who has been searching for over 10 years to do just that.

I sure wish I could have found out about Internet Marketing years ago when it was still a bit easier to do, but better late than never:) I stumbled across Affiliate Marketing last summer, and have done extensive research on this market and would like to share with you what I have found. This will make your own research a lot less complicated, because I have already made several  mistakes:( and will point them out to you, so you can avoid them. This is meant to be an overview, as one could write a book about this subject, and there are many books and e-books available. I’ve put together a list of good books on this subject and will post them within a few days.


What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

On the outside world an Affiliate Marketer would be called a Sales Representative. A sales rep simply works for a company and sells their product or service and gets a commission for each sale.  This is the same concept working online as an  Affiliate Marketer.

There are literally thousands of products you can sell for various companies such as Amazon (one of the largest online). There are many networks you can join and within the network you can then choose a company or service that you wish to promote and to sell their product or service.

To do some research on this subject, just google “Affiliate Marketing” and “Affiliate Marketers” and you will find enough information to keep you busy for a while. Don’t join anyone just yet, but simply do some research first! Google their name,or company and then also read some reviews about them to weed out the scams and rip-offs that are being offered, sad to say.

Beware of anyone telling you that you can make lots of money fast! This is simply a lie!!! Affiliate Marketing takes time, patience, a willingness to learn and being ready to overcome obstacles:) Perseverance is the key here! There are some very successful people in this business willing to help, and I have a page on just “coaching”

Some networks you can safely join:



I’m sure that you already know of this one:)


Check out these networks and the many offers they have that you can promote on your website. has a short tutorial that walks you through the process of “what is an affiliate” There are many very successful people who make lots of money with clickbank.


Joining a forum:

Joining a forum is a very good idea, and if I had done that to begin with I would have been able to avoid the mistakes that I made! I would not join a bunch, just one to start with is good, otherwise you will get overloaded with information and get confused instead.

I recently came across and can safely recommend it to you. Whether you are a newbie or more advanced, there is help to be found at this forum.


Creating your website:

Once you have done your research about Affiliate Marketing and you are ready to get started, you will now need a website. This was a little scary for me, as the internet has changed a lot since I built a website years ago. However, not to worry, it’s easier today than it was years ago to create a nice looking website.

Think about what kind of product or service you would like to sell on your website. It’s easier to write about something that you know about. I have one website about stained glass, since I had a very successful stained glass studio years ago. You may enjoy gardening or you love pets, or perhaps you are a techie and love gadgets:) whatever you know something about is what you should research. It’s much easier to succeed if you find yourself a niche. A good way to find out more about this is to google: “google adwords:keyword tool” and then put in the top box a keyword and see how many keywords will come up and what your competition will be.

  • First thing you will need is a domain name for your website
  • Second thing you will need is a hosting company
  • Next, you want to download onto your site to have a blog.

This is where the forum will be a great help to you, because you can ask lots of questions about which company to choose to get a domain name (I normally use or www.

Hosting your website:

For a hosting company I only use because of their outstanding customer service and they also offer very reasonable rates. Again, you can ask at the forum, but hostgator is one of the top ten hosting companies and you will find that most successful Internet Marketers use and promote their service. You will see a large banner on my site, and if you go through that site to hostgator, then I will receive a commission from them. Once you have your website set up, you can do the same thing. This will be your first affiliate link:)

Once you have chosen your domain name and have it hosted, you can then log into the C-panel, where you will find an icon called “”  this will be your blogging platform, and all you need to do is to click on the “download” button; this service is free. Even though is easy to install and easy to work with, you will still have questions, like which theme to choose and so on. itself has a great website where you can get many questions answered. There is another site called Paul Taubman is the owner of this website and he offers a free 28-day course where you can learn something every day. He will offer a paid course at the end of his free course, but there is no need to purchase anything just yet. There are lots of people on the forum that will happily answer your questions.


Blogging is a subject all by itself, and there are people who can better explain blogging than I can. I do know that the search engines like google, yahoo etc like blogs over static websites because there is action on a blog, and your website will be searched by these engines a lot quicker than just a static website. You can get more information on the warrior forum about this subject.

The next thing really is finding a mentor. This is very important! I am working on a page just on coaching. Check it out and safe yourself some headaches!