HOW to work through Affiliate Marketing


If you have been to my website, you will read a lot about Affiliate Marketing. That’s because it works!:) Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way to make money online.

So I’ve created a page on just Affiliate Marketing and how it works.


So without getting long-winded here, I would like to show you HOW this works by taking you a step at a time and explain very simply how an Affiliate offer works and how you can make money doing the same thing.

First, you will need to join an Affiliate Network. There are many networks, but I happen to like this one. Peerfly is a very reputable company and you can safely join them. It’s free to join, they are the ones that will pay you. Click below, check them out and then join Peerfly as a publisher (another name for affiliate) here>>>

Once you joined them, look over the many CPA offers. A CPA offer is a click per action offer, meaning that most offers convert on a simple email click. They have many categories you can choose from, and your Affiliate Manager will be glad to answer your questions and help you if you need help. Or if you prefer send me an email and I’ll help you:)


Next, you will need to advertise your offer, and this took me a long time to figure out:( It’s really not complicated, but you just have to know where to go and how to create a successful campaign. The so-called gurus have made this difficult, but it really is not. I did create a campaign with google’s ad words only to be suspended permanently the next day! They also never told me exactly why, so use caution if you decide to go with ad words! I prefer 7Search or Bing, it’s much easier:)

I’m glad that I found this video on YouTube about this company called 7Search. Just watch it and see for yourself.


Watch this very informative video about how to make money with Peerfly and advertise it with>>>


Lastly, once you joined Peerfly and watched the video above, then you can become an advertiser for 7Search. Take your offer like the one below and advertise it very reasonably. This offer converts upon a simple email submit. There is nothing to purchase. If you click on my link below here and enter your email, I will get paid, in this case $1.40 for each person who leaves their email. If you set your budget for $5.00 per day and spend $0.05 per click you will get 100 clicks. If only 10 people put their email address in, you will get paid $14.00. Take the $5.00 off for advertising, and you have made a profit of $9.00. That may not sound like much, but the next day you can increase your budget to $10.00 and also run more than one campaign – so you do the Math:)

I also want to add that I’m an affiliate for peerfly, and you too can do the same thing once you join them. Not only can you make money from their CPA offers, but you also will get paid for every one that joins peerfly through your link or banner. This is really a win-win situation.

So, go ahead and click here and enter your email:)>>

and I thank you:)

If you notice also the Amazon banner to the right, it will work the same way as with a network. You can become an affiliate direct with Amazon without going through a network, and Amazon starts out paying 4% on every purchase a customer makes when that customer clicks on my link.So go ahead and feel free to test it out:)

Obviously there is a lot more to Affiliate Marketing, but I wanted to keep this short and simple and not complicate it as a lot of so-called “gurus” try to do. There are super affiliates that makes literally thousands of dollars per day, but they won’t tell you how they do this! Not for free anyway. Some of them are really very successful, but charge accordingly. So take my advice, it’s free:) save yourself a lot of money and try it this way first.

That is not to say you should not hire a coach, because I encourage people to do that, but there are few honest ones out there! Look under my “training” page and check them out yourself.

If you look around here a little bit longer, you will also read about Mobile Marketing on my Mobile Marketing page.  This is a very hot market since it’s still fairly new and with about 5 billion cell phones the market is wide open.  Also check out my posts on Mobile Marketing. I also kept them short and to the point:) Send me an email if you have more questions or leave a comment.