Multi-level Marketing Review

If you have seen an advertisement on Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and you have asked this question:

Is MLM for real or is it a scam?

As in every area of life there are always people who will take advantage of a good thing and make something bad out of it. Be it business, education, personal subjects or even religion, there will always be the charlatans!

When I worked at a bank years ago, we were given dollar bills and were asked to look at them and to feel the paper to get familiar with the real thing! They did not give us false bills; we had to figure out ourselves after knowing what the real thing looked and felt like to discern what was real and what was fake, so when we ran into a fake bill, we knew what we were dealing with!

So with that said I am going to encourage you to check out any MLM opportunity that comes your way.


What then is MLM?


Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the company that you joined will compensate you not  only for sales that you  personally generate, but also for the sales of others you recruit. So basically you have two branches of the business; on one side you market the product or service, and on the other side you recruit people to duplicate the system.

After a while you will be creating a down-line of  business partners. The reason this is called Multi-level marketing, is because you will get paid for the people who are in your down-line on multiple levels. Some companies pay three, some five levels, some way more –  it depends on the company. This income is called residual income, since you do the work one time, and get paid month after month as long as your member or distributor buys the product or service, and your business partner stays with you.

There is a lot of money to be made with Multi-level marketing, but again, it takes work – that’s why it’s called “Work from home” opportunity. Too many people think just because one works on the internet, the money just comes rolling in – this is a huge deception!

Whether you work in Affiliate Marketing or Multi-level marketing, this will take time to build your business. With MLM you will have to talk with people and sell your product as well as recruit new business partners. If you choose a reputable company whose product is well-known you will have a much easier time than to sell something that people don’t know about.

Is MLM legitimate? Absolutely!

Are there pyramid schemes? Yes!

Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate!  Some are pyramid schemes. It’s best not to get involved in plans where the money you make is based primarily on the number of business partners you recruit rather than on your sales to people outside the plan who intend to use the products.

Check out forums! Check out and see if they are listed with the  BBB!  You can find out information about any company online if you check them out thoroughly! One of the things I would like to accomplish with this website is to show you what is real and what is false. You can learn from my mistakes and avoid making the same ones!

  1. Research the company’s track record!
  2. Learn about the product or service
  3. Ask lots of questions
  4. Understand any restrictions
  5. Talk to other distributors (ask them how much $ they make and how long it took them to get there.)
  6. Consider using a friend or adviser as a neutral sounding board or for a gut check
  7. Take your time!
  8. Think about whether this plan suits your talents and goals
  9. If you are married it really helps to have your spouse’s support
  10. Do remember, this is a business, and there will be a start-up cost!


Helping you to do some research:

This is one of the better websites to check out an MLM company before you join! They have an excellent Alexa ranking.
The next informative website is this one, also has a great Alexa ranking.


Here is a short list of MLM companies that have been in business for a number of years. This really matters! If a company stays in business for more than 10 years, chances are this is a legitimate business, or they would no longer be in business. You can also check out any company with the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

I do have a very good friend that has been a part of mannatech for years, and I have purchased their products and find them of excellent quality. I’m sure that you are familiar with some of these names here as well. Your best bet is to do a google search on these companies and do your research. Do remember that you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time, as there will be complaints, but just use discretion when you do your research.


1. ACN ( about 20 years) – recommend this one!

deals with various kinds of communications and electric – excellent choice.

2. AmeriplanUSA (about 20 years)

deals with a dental and health plan

3. Avon (calims to have started in 1886)

4. Herbal Life (about 32 years)

5. Melaleuca (about 27 years)

6. Nu Skin ( about 28 years)

7. Mannatech (about 19 years)

8. Mary Kay (founded in 1963)

9. Pampered Chef (founded in 1980)

10. Shaklee (about 56 years)

Check out this website for a much larger list of companies and opportunities with Multi-level Marketing. Jill, the owner of this website is a Christian woman who does her best to promote legitimate opportunities. 

This is also a great site to do some advertising on, as this website gets a lot of traffic!



If you would like to review a particular company that you are familiar with please feel free to do so. We will post your review here: