Meeting up with “old” friends:)

I have had a good time the last couple of days discovering “old” friends:) and it has been a real Blessing! It brought back so many memories from my time in Germany where the Lord allowed me to return to about five years after he saved me. My whole time from the beginning in 1988 to my return to the States in 1997 was an amazing journey. The Lord supplied every need I had from my ticket to my living arrangements, to having transportation to giving me means to support myself while there.  The blessings I received while there are numberless! The people I met and new friends I made are too many to mention:)  I could really write a book about my time there:) It was not always easy, but it was good!I still have the card that Linda wrote when I arrived: “Welcome Mrs. Schell” 🙂 this is a little personal note for my dear friend Suzanne who took me in to her home after I first arrived in Germany – you are always in my heart and I love you:) We are still in touch after 22 years:)

So I connected with some friends on Facebook which I actually had never once visited:) because our pastor really dislikes that site, and I totally understand his reasons after I saw some of the pictures and comments some “Christians” put out there:( shame on you! But the reason I finally decided to join Facebook was actually to promote my website to get my online business off the ground better. Besides, what I am promoting does not cost you anything, there are no products to sell or inventory to stock, and no people to call. It’s all you and your computer:) As I’m learning more and more about this amazing opportunity I will pass on information that I have gathered and learned from.



  1. I enjoy your posts, especially the ones about the “living bread” 🙂

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