More options with Binary Options

I have considered creating a new website just for Binary Options to give you, the reader, more options with Binary Options!:)


But for now I’m too busy trading Binary Options and finally making money with this type of trading. If you have tried trading Binary Options yourself then you know what I mean by finally! It is not something you can blindly jump into without doing some research on this subject.


There are many places on the web where you can check out signal services and forums and methods,  and individuals that claim to be trading gurus. One such website is:


Again, I want to mention only to trade on, which is a US-based regulated exchange. You can read all about them on their website, watch some of their informative videos and read as much as you can about it first.


Please do yourself a favour and stay away from overseas brokers. They are unregulated and can pretty much do what they want to. If you have already joined one, try to withdraw your money and go to nadex! Whatever you do, do not ever take a bonus from an overseas broker! You will have to make 15 times the amount of the bonus (varies from broker to broker) before you can withdraw any money – yours or theirs! Chances are you won’t see any at all. 🙁


Then you will get emails or find sites that promise you to make $$$$$$$ without asking you for a fee or even an email address. Beware!! You will have to join one of their “approved” brokers – meaning an overseas broker.


So, watch this video from on youtube  and also watch Steve Hoven’s video about overseas brokers. That is how I stumbled onto this information about 2 years ago.


As far a signal services I have learned a great deal. I joined more than 12 services, only to cancel most of them because they did not perform what they promised.


I have found two excellent signal services  now that work very well.

I trade both only on

The first one is:


UpDown Signals


You can try them for a week for only $25.00, or you can become a monthly or quarterly member and get one week free to try them out.

I like the quarterly the best, it’s the most reasonable one ($67.00) You can make your monthly fee in two to three trades or less.

Check out their website and look under results.

From June 1st to June 5th 20 trades out of 25 were in the money, only 5 were losses. These are consistent stats.



This is the second service that I have found to be working extremely well also:


This service is amazing. I have been totally impressed by their signals. You can try them out  for 14 days for $14.00 – you can not go wrong with this! Then, if you stay with them, and you will stay with them, the monthly fee is $97.00. You can easily make that back in one day of trading.


Yesterday, I received 11 signals for the day. 9 were winners, 2 losses. With nadex you can cut your losses short if you see the trade go against you. You do not have to stay in until it expires. Another big plus for nadex. Even if you buy each contract for $65.00 (that is in the money) you won 9 x $35.00 ($315.00) and you lost 2 at $65.00 ($130.00) you are still making $185.00 for the day. I challenge you to try to make this on your own! You are not going to do it:(

Feel free to email me, I would love to help you with this. I am excited about it:)


I am an affiliate for both systems because they work so well. So, if you join either one or both, I will get a commission from them. Just letting you know this for your information.









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