Network Marketing

A few weeks ago a car passed by me and had a sign stating that he/she works from home with a phone number. I put it in my phone and called a little later to find out what it was about. He told me about the company and the product and it sounded interesting so I wanted to know a little more. Joe invited me to a meeting that was held  downtown at the Hyatt Hotel in Houston. Although I don’t like to drive downtown, it was Saturday and I went to check it out. I was amazed to see about 3,000 people there. I stayed and listened to the different people speak about this business. Like I already said, Network Marketing works if you work on it! Some of the people there are making a six figure income already. If you would care to check this out, here is the link to the company OrganoGold This company produces various types of healthy coffees, hot chocolate and teas. Joe gave me some samples, it tastes great!:) Let me know if you have an interest and I will try to get more information to you.

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