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The more research I do about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing in particular, the more places I find that are very helpful to this business.

I have listed these Affiliate Networks before, but in case you don’t want to search for this information, here they are again, plus one new one added.


These are my favorites. If you belong to each of these networks (they are free to join) you will have thousands of offers to choose from. After that it is up to you to research which ones are best for you to promote on your own website.




Offervault has an excellent Alexa rating that you can check out for yourself. Once you are on their website, you can watch a tutorial that will demonstrate how Offervault works, and how you can get the best information for your particular business. They also feature a webinar every Tuesday evening on various subjects dealing with Internet Marketing. I recommend that you check out Offervault and its many networks. Here is one that I recently joined: This is a direct quote from Adangler:



Ad Angler is one of the largest online affiliate networks and internet marketing advertising agencies. Ad Angler assists our advertisers by providing cost-effective, highly targeted lead generation for a fraction of traditional marketing costs. Our affiliates specialize in effective online advertising methods such as search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and mobile and SMS marketing. Ad Angler provides both advertisers and affiliates with the tools to increase their revenue potential and monetize their online traffic. Our staff utilizes marketing statistics and analytics that provide our advertisers and publishers maximum optimization for every advertising dollar spent. Ad Angler operates on a performance based business model to guarantee our advertisers and affiliates that our staff will always be pushing to surpass your advertising goals.






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