Some useful tips I learned about internet marketing language:

Since every field uses a particular language, the internet, and affiliate marketing is no exception. I just want to mention a few in case you are new to all of this. An affiliate marketer is also called a publisher. The person who offers the product or service for you to market to is called an advertiser. This was a little confusing to me also in the beginning, since I was advertising their service.

You will probably read quite a bit about keywords and search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very big subject, and I am taking an intense course about this at the moment, so when I’m finished I can talk about it more intelligently. One thing I have learned already about SEO is that it is free advertising, and since the cost of PPC (pay-per-click) is on the rise, you will probably want to learn all that you can about SEO.  You can find one helpful tool here that google offers for free:

I also have learned a few things about keywords, and there is a great tool that you can  get from google. I’m adding the link here, so it’ll be easy for you to get.

You can use this key word tool to:

  • determine the size of the market and
  • to check out your competition.


A keyword is a word or phrase that you can type into a search engine like google or yahoo  in search of something.  Also don’t discount MSN and Bing.

Just as an example:     you may wish to look for      “how to lose weight fast”

You will then see a bunch of results that come up that are pertinent to the keyword that you have  entered.

Google tracks these keywords and displays them publicly for anyone to see and this of course is a very handy tool for a network marketer to use.

The more the keyword is entered into the search engine the bigger the market is.

Just enter your keyword or phrase into the first line and follow along, it’s quite easy to do.


Another great website is this:

You can do a google search of a particular website that may be of interest to you, and then you can open and put the name of that particular website in the search bar and you will be able to get information for all website owners including traffic, demographics, business, lifestyle, interests and more. This is how I found out the statistics about and was very impressed by them  and am thankful for the chance to write some articles that I hope will be a blessing and help to them.

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