Things to consider when working online.

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There really are important things for you to consider if you want to make money online when working from your home office.

Recently I got a Work-from-Home magazine in the mail and when I looked through it all I saw were ads like: “Make $945.00 per day in your sleep”, well maybe not all of them were that drastic, but most of them were. They all sounded very convincing and if you listen to their presentation online it sounds even better. However, you need to consider some very important things first if you want to make money online.

Since I am a Christian, I like to get Bible verses on a given subject, so here is one I found that is really good pertaining to this:

“Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house.” Proverbs 24:27

This is very good advice for anyone!

  • First, you really need to do some research. I have already given you enough links to be able to do just that. In case you missed them or don’t want to search for them, here they are again: Clickbank.comcommission and
  •  If you go to these places and check them out you will understand a lot more about Affiliate Marketing. That is what I basically promote here, because I have tried too many other things and they did not work out! The concept of Affiliate Marketing is not complicated and anyone can do it! Take it from me:) The information that I have gathered in the past several months is amazing, I had no idea that people make thousands of dollars per day with Affiliate Marketing. So, yes you can make $945.00 per day, but not in your sleep:) you have to WORK at it.

Preparation is the key here when you consider working from your home office!  It takes time to prepare your website/s and to find offers from one of the networks I have mentioned here.If you have a website about gardening, there are plenty of good affiliate offers at clickbank that you can put on your website, or for any subject you choose.

Once you have  your  ducks in a row:) you need to learn about advertising your site. You may have a nice looking website and your friends are visiting you, but you are not selling anything because you don’t have the traffic. Ask plenty of questions before you go and advertise. I can tell you from experience to be very careful with google adwords! Read their rules first, and ask plenty of questions before you create a campaign. I was very new when I created a campaign and got shut down by google – so please take care!

At this point I strongly advice you to get a mentor, a successful Affiliate Marketer who has done this for years and knows what he is talking about and can train you. I have researched several successful Internet Marketers and advice you to do the same. Check them out very thoroughly on the internet, because I  have already run into a problem with one program and have gotten burnt!:( I advice you to go to this forum first:  This is one of the top forums on the subject of Internet Marketing. Ask questions there, then google the name/s given and check out the complaints especially! Now, no one can please everyone 100%, but if you get a lot of complaints from people who have lost money with a company or person  – stay away from that coaching program “so-called”

I am currently taking part of a free 15-week course with a successful Internet Marketer by the name of Anik Singal. You can google him and you will find he is well-known and respected, and he does know what he is talking about. I wish you much success!



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