Turn your crafts into an online business

When I started my Stained Glass Studio, the internet wasn’t around:) However, with all this technology that is available now you can easily turn your hobby into a profitable business online. There are places like eBay and Etsy you can check out and see it they will work for you.  The goal of  Etsy.com. is to provide a marketplace and community for individuals who want to sell crafts. It’s well worth checking into.

Without at doubt, Amazon is the leading  marketplace online.  About one-third of all online commerce takes place on Amazon.com, and you can benefit from just having a presence on the website.  These are some  benefits to selling on Amazon:

  • No listing fee to sell as an individual
  • You can sell unrelated items from the same store as an individual
  • Ability to host amazon store on your own website

You don’t have to pay to list your ads, and if you’re starting with no money, then that’s going to be important to you. I hope this has been a help to you. If you know of any other good places to advertise your crafts online let us know so we can share the information:)




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