Using Manure in Garden

If you have a garden or wish to start one, then this question

“Are you using manure in your garden” would be one worth asking.


Sunflowers in my garden

Love my sunflowers!

We have a large vegetable garden framed by giant sunflowers . There are also  fruit trees, grapes and berries around the garden. The first year was the hardest, just getting the ground ready to plant, especially here in Southern Texas.

Once we added manure to our garden, things were looking up:) We got a load of cow manure from a friend and added it into our mulch pile which consisted of piles of leaves, grass clippings and kitchen vegetable waste. We mix this all up and turn it often so it turns into nice rich soil in no time!

We now have four horses and some chickens, so we have plenty of organic matter:) to add to our garden. We grow all our vegetables organically, we use no commercial fertilizer or any type of sprays.

A couple of years ago I purchased three grapes. I wasn’t quite sure how to grow them. I knew you have to cut them back, but I wasn’t sure how much. Of course we added a lot of manure and mulch, but  I wanted to know more about growing grapes, especially after a friend of mine sent me a picture of the grapes he has been growing.








So if you would like to grow grapes and want to know more, simply Click Here!


Our two little peach trees (about 5 feet when we bought them) are huge now after only two growing seasons. I can’t reach the top without a ladder, and they produce nice juicy peaches:)

If you are not using manure to fertilize your garden, just give it a try! Check your local craigslist for free manure, or ask at your local feed store.






Raised beds ready to be planted

Try it, and enjoy it!:)





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