What about Blogging?

Over the past couple of months I have done a lot of research on the subject of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. The information that is out there on the internet can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are new at it. Here are a few helpful sites that I have found where you can get detailed information and can also ask questions. My goal here is to try to help you to find legitimate work from home.

This one is still my favorite one:


Bob Lotich is a Christian man and his information is very helpful. His was the very first site I found when searching for blogging. You can get helpful information about finances and Bob also started this business from scratch and now is supporting his family. Look under his link “Make Money”


On this site you can learn all about Affiliate Marketing. You can spend a lot of time on this site and learn how people make a good income working from home. It is amazing! You don’t even need a website for this, you can promote their products in many other ways. However, I still recommend you get your own website. Again, I want to recommend Hostgator as a Hosting service, just because their customer service is outstanding! Once you have your website, you will need a Blogging platform and I recommend WordPress.org. Once you have completed those two steps, go to the website below “ineedhelpwithwordpress.com. Paul Taubman offers a FREE 28-day course with very easy to follow instructions.


Paul Taubman offers a 28 day free course on working with WordPress. It has been a great help to me and I highly recommend this site.

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