What about coaching?

If you are anything like me you will eventually search for someone who can “hold your hand” and help you to understand the missing pieces. When I first started to learn about stained glass I did not know how to hold a glass cutter properly, but after some coaching I not only learned how to do it, I started my own business, and it ended up being a very successful business, and I taught others how to work with stained glass also.

When I first became a Christian, I was reading my Bible and I did learn a lot and enjoyed it very much. However, when I started to go to Sunday school I learned a whole lot more! Some time later I was able to sit down with someone and show them things I had learned from the Bible:) and help them to grow.

OK, so where am I going with this?  What about this coaching business? Since I started to work online I have read so much information about Affiliate Marketing, about SEO, about PPC, about writing your own E-book and on and on I could go. I have checked out forums, groups and websites with this type of information. I have purchased programs that were supposed to help me understand Network Marketing in more details. But I found that in order to really know this business and to be able to really teach others, I do need a coach!Just think, every successful athlete has a coach!

So I decided it’s time to find a good coach, someone who has been in the business for a while, knows what he or she is doing and is willing to teach me. This knowledge of course is not free! I can understand that. I used to charge my students for teaching them to work with stained glass. Again, I did some research on several coaches and their program, and this is what I have come up with. There are probably a lot more, and maybe even better ones than these, but these are what I have found, and I did join one of them. I will be glad to let you know if their program is as good as they claim it is.

  • Adam Short ( you can get his program and try it out for 14 days for only $1.00) and even if you are with him for a while, you can get a refund if this does not work out for you. He is a very methodical teacher, and has a ton of information. I do have a link for his program under ” some helpful places”
  • Sara Young – The webinar I watched with her was amazing. Sara’s coaching does not come cheap, but she is one of the ones that will “hold your hand” until you actually make $1,000.00 per month, that is her guarantee which is unusual in Internet Marketing. She only takes a limited amount of students since she is a mother of seven! She is very successful and well-known.
  • Ken McCarthy – The systems seminar – this man is very well-known all over the internet, and is a very successful Internet Marketer. You really should check him out!
  •  Jamie Lewis is  another very successful Internet Marketer and is well known also. You may or may not like his style of teaching, but he is very straight forward. Worth checking him out!
  • Justin Dupre is yet another successful Internet Marketer, even though he has only done this type of business for three years, he really seems to know his stuff! He charges an hourly rate.
  •  Millionaire’s Society – Mack Michaels is the teacher and has a staff of several people who are available by phone or email. The program is very detailed and has a lot of information mostly in video format. He also does weekly webinars and the program is actually not very expensive for all that you get here.

These are the successful people that I have done some research on, and I am certain that if you also will check them out that you will find the one that suits your particular needs.They all offer a guarantee, unlike some e-books you can purchase and waste your money on. You can do some research on them by googling their names or websites.

It has been and is my desire to want to  help you work from home, and whatever information I have gathered so far I have put it out here. So I want to encourage you to check out  these coaches and their programs.

I don’t want to promote just one of them, because I really don’t want to persuade you in any way as this is a personal decision.





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