Women working from home

I thought it may be of interest to you to feature some of the women that I know personally that are working from home.

Today I would like to introduce Janice Armistead. Janice is what I picture the Proverbs 31 woman to be. She is a gracious and godly woman and has a sweet spirit. I am blessed to be counted among her friends.

Janice has written a book titled “Stepping out into the Pathway of Faith.” It is her journey about learning how to step out on faith. Janice shares many personal  experiences in her book, and I can highly recommend it to you. You will be able to obtain a copy by sending her an email on her website.

Janice has recently started her own website called  www.yourglutenfreedoorway.com If you would like to live a gluten-free lifestyle then this website has excellent information about the subject as well as great recipes for you to try. I know that she is having a good time with her new venture. So please visit her website and leave a comment.

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