Work anywhere from your laptop

The nice thing about a laptop is that you can work anywhere from it! You may only have a couple of hours per day  to work online, so make the most of it. Take your laptop to work, and use it during lunch. When you have to sit and wait at the dentist or doctor’s office, make use of the time you have. The good thing about it is that you can network with people at work or just wherever you go. Take some business cards with you and leave a few here and there. You could have a small sign made for your car to promote your online business! I passed a car a few weeks back that did have such  a sign, and I called the man and asked him about the type of work-at-home business he had. This works especially great if you live in a large city like Houston and pass thousands of cars – FREE advertising:)

I would like to encourage you to really check into Affiliate Marketing:) I heard the term a few years ago, but did not understand then what it actually was about – too bad – had I started being an Affiliate Marketer  six years ago instead of the time I spent with other opportunities, I would be way ahead right now, making a great income.

If you are not sure what it is either, just check out this one network called clickbank and there you will be able to read in detail what Affiliate Marketing is all about and how it will work for you! Check out the Marketplace and see for yourself the hundreds of products that you could promote. The really neat thing about this business is that you don’t have to pay a start-up cost, or purchase any inventory, and best of call, you do not have to call anyone and ask them to join your business.

What you will need is a website and a provider to  host your site. Again, I am promoting Hostgator, because they are one of the top ten hosting providers and they do have excellent customer service, plus they offer very reasonable rates.  If you live in Houston, you can actually apply for a job there!:) and if you know of someone who does that type of work, you can get paid a huge commission if you introduce them to the company and they get hired!:) So, check them out!


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