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If you are not interested in working  from your computer, that’s OK, there are so many opportunities to start a business from home. Utilizing your garden to make money is one of these opportunities. If you have a piece of land where you can grow a garden, your possibilities are endless.

But it’s only January you might say. My son has been getting our garden ready for weeks now:) we do live in Texas though:) This is a good time to start!

Look at the woman in Proverbs chapter 31. “She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.”

She bought a field and planted a vineyard. In other words, she worked from home and she worked hard and was a Blessing to her family. Her husband was well-known and he praised her. Her children honored her by calling her blessed. It is a blessing to have the support of your family when you start out! If you are a husband and your wife has found something she wants to start from home, by all means, the best thing you can do is to support her!


Here are several suggestions.

I read an article not too long ago about a couple in Oregon who had bought some land and started to plant grapes, then later on also planted asparagus. They have a thriving business now. Their story is found in the March/April 2011 Issue of  “Hobby Farms.” They use Biodynamic Farming Practices, and you can read about it here if interested:  About Biodynamics

Here is some additional  help I googled on growing grapes.

A very dear friend,  Thomas Castellaw, pastoring a church in Heidelberg, Germany (Bibel Baptisten Gemeinde,)  sent me this picture of the grapes he harvested:) I can’t wait for mine to get ripe – we have two vines so far. Just think what you can do if you get serious and plant about 100!

Here is some information about growing grapes. A Complete System With E-book And Audio Book To Help You Grow Grapes The Correct Way.  Click Here!



Next subject: What about Blueberries?


There is a blueberry farm not too far from where I live. They started with just a few bushes and kept adding to them and now you can go there and “Pick your own” Blueberries are an excellent source of  vitamins and a great antioxidant. Check out growing blueberries and check on Utube as well. There is a ton of information for you to be researched.

We planted several bushes last year and I already got to pick some:) I’m planning on adding several more each year. I love to add them to my home-made granola:)



If you live up North you can start an apple orchard. It may take time, but you can start. Keep your regular job for a while and then enjoy the fruit of your labor and you can pass something like that on to your children – you can’t do that with a job!



If you live in the South, by all means start with some peach trees! They are not that expensive, start small, add a few trees every year and grow your business! I see signs around our area “Fresh peaches for Sale” and I would rather buy them locally than at a supermarket. We planted two trees a couple of years ago and they are pretty good size trees already. We plan on buying several more each year and add to our little orchard:)

January is actually a great time to plant new trees and bushes. You  might want to check out your local extension service. We purchased most of our trees and bushes from them at a really good price!


I can’t encourage you enough to buy a piece of land. I see so many young people wasting their money and it’s too bad. The best thing you can do if you are young is to save money to buy some land. Once you have some land you can start planting anything you want to! Do some research on what you want to grow and what grows best in your area. You can build your dream home later.


You may need to build a small greenhouse to help you start your plants. Find some great plans to build your own: Click Here!


The Bible says this: Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house. Prov.24:27 How about that?


Where to sell your produce:

  • From your own home
  • At your local Farmer’s Market
  • To restaurants or schools
  • Your own website!
  • Be creative:)

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