Working from home?

Working from home used to be the norm for women. What ever happened? I think we were deceived into thinking that being a housewife was not fulfilling enough and we needed a career of our own. I used to think that way and I know that many of my friends did also. However, having worked outside my home, having to drive in today’s crazy traffic and being stressed has once again showed me that I would much rather stay at home and work. When my kids were younger, we lived in a big old house in the country up North in New Hampshire. The place was sitting on 15 acres and attached to the house was also a large barn. Even though I enjoyed staying at home, growing my garden, canning our vegetables, cooking for my family and raising my children, I was still yearning for something different, maybe exciting! Yes, eventually I got to start my own Stained Glass Studio and worked from home again, and I was really thankful for that time. But the years in between were hard! I was on my own for a time and working two jobs was not what I would call a career! I know that many of you are out there and feel the same way – I have talked to you – I have met you and I understand!

If you are a housewife, thank God for it and enjoy your family. You may not get a paycheck, but the rewards are so much better! You have a husband that takes care of you and your family – you have no idea how many women would like to trade places with you. Enjoy your home! I learned to paint and wallpaper and actually had fun doing it:) I always enjoyed having a garden, I can’t imagine not growing my own vegetables and flowers, it’s so rewarding. I picked my last watermelon today and it is so good!:) Early in the morning I can sit on my deck, drink my coffee and thank God for the wonderful place where I live. It is very peaceful! I am encouraging you to be thankful for what you have and be content. If you want to start a business working from your home, then use what you already have. Let me know how it is working out for you. I would love to post some success stories on this blog:)


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