Working with your hands

Have you ever considered working for yourself with your own hands? If this worked for me, and it did, it will work for you! I have met so many talented women that are working from home. Many just started as a hobby (like I did) and grew their hobby into a succesful business. Look at the woman in the Bible, she started her own business and her husband obviously approved and her children called her blessed.

Proverbs 31:16 says this: She (the virtuous woman) considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

Sometimes it just takes someone to encourage you a little bit and give you some ideas. So here are a few:) Check your local high schools for evening classes. Although many studios will give stained glass classes.

  • Stained Glass (my favorite!)
  • There are many successful studios across the country.
  • Painting on Glass
  • (I met a couple at a crafts show who made their living painting on glass)
  • Metal Sculpting
  • If you can weld or have the desire to learn, this is a great opportunity. I have bought some beautiful and expensive metal sculptures over the years.
  • Sewing
  • The best thing with this is to specialize! I had several ladies that brought their crafts to my shop on consignment. One of them was a very talented seamstress who specialized in children’s clothes. She created some very pretty clothes and they sold  really well.
  • Another woman sewed scented pillows, they were not only pretty, they smelled good too:)
  • The list is endless!

These are only a few ideas, but if you are good at something you can turn it into a profitable business! Sometimes we just get a little scared and think “what if it doesn’t work” –  what if it does??? Let me know what you have decided on and we will post it here with a link to your new business!:)




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