Writing for money – does it really work?

Does Writing for Money really work?



Perhaps you have tried to write some articles or stories and they were rejected. It’s OK, don’t be too disappointed. This will happen since you simply can’t please everyone.


Just don’t give up –  keep writing! There are many websites where you can write your articles or stories and make money.


I would like to introduce you to one particular website that you can join for free and choose articles from 100 words to 2000 words to write.


You simply create a username and password and you are good to go. If you are realistic and don’t expect to make a hundred dollars per day to start, you will be just fine.


You will have many articles to choose from, pick one and keep it simple. Write at about a 6th to 7th Grade level, don’t overthink what you are going to write. Most articles require a friendly tone.


Up to this point I have written 153 words. It took me just about 5 minutes to write. You can do this too:) I’m keeping this short on purpose.


So, check it out! I wish you much success in your new writing career:)



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